Synopsis: Life after Covid-19, Trump’s trumped takeover, and more

In this episode of Synopsis, OMFIF Subeditor Julie Levy-Abegnoli looks back over some of the most recent articles published on the OMFIF website, including those on a possible European fiscal response to the crisis, life after the pandemic, and what the outbreak means for sovereign investment and, possibly, your taxes.

Articles and other items referenced:

  1. Shortcomings in US sovereign investment
  2. After the Covid-19 recession
  3. The undeniable case for wealth tax
  4. Slow restart for China’s economy
  5. Three options for European fiscal action
  6. ECB and Fed innovate in disparate ways
  7. Outlook for Malaysia amid political uncertainties
  8. What Covid-19 means for financial stability
  9. Assessing the economic impact of coronavirus
  10. Global economic outlook and Covid-19 policy response

Music: Hey Mercy by Pierce Murphy is licensed under an Attribution License.

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