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News And Commentary

From crisis to compromise

Friday's agreement between Greece and its creditors on the features of their post-bail-out relationship should be welcomed by markets. In principle, this enables Greek and European governments to celebrate the 'clean exit' they sought. In practice, it is all but clean, write Vicky Pryce and Danae Kyriakopoulou.

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Real assets' unstoppable momentum

'Sovereign funds and public pension funds are committed to real assets for the foreseeable future. Investments in real assets are unstoppable and here to stay,' said Alan Flanagan of BNY Mellon at the launch of the new report, 'Real Momentum: Global Public Investors and the Real Assets Market.'

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Europe's global regulatory influence

Despite populist machinations in parts of Europe, its influence on global investing isn't limited to semi-regular political turmoil. Europe has the chance to benefit investors around the globe by improving investor protections and setting a new standard for the rest of the world to adopt, writes Jim McCaughan.

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Women face pension poverty

When greater numbers of women entered the workforce in the 1970s, they earned only 60% of a man's income, writes Suzanna Bishopric. Authorities assumed women would quickly achieve income equality. This has not happened, and pension systems have made no adjustment for women's different career paths.

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Live on Bloomberg: Greece exits bailout

Financial assistance to Greece is expected to come to an end after the country exits its third bailout programme in August. But the policies and reforms of the Greek government will remain under the creditors’ surveillance as the country looks to secure measures to ease its debt burden, said Danae Kyriakopoulou, OMFIF’s Chief Economist and Head of Research in a Bloomberg interview from Athens ahead of the Eurogroup meeting of euro area finance ministers on 21 June.

Hazards of initial coin offerings

Initial coin offerings of cryptocurrencies provide an alternative source of venture capital for start-ups and encourage innovation in how digital tokens can be used. However, there is a lack of market security; 81% of ICOs are fraudulent, and only 8% of all cryptocurrencies make it on to exchanges, writes Bhavin Patel.

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Euro 'irreversible', membership not

The euro is irreversible, but the composition of the countries in Europe's single currency is not. That was a central bittersweet message delivered to the audience at OMFIF's 18 June seminar in London commemorating the 20th anniversary of the European Central Bank's establishment on 1 June 1998.

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Euro distraction from Merkel weakness

Angela Merkel's weakness in Berlin is an unpleasant distraction as euro area countries prepare to announce measures to reinforce economic and monetary union. Squabbling in Merkel's fractious coalition could damage euro confidence and widen spreads between Italian and German bonds, writes David Marsh.

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The launch of the fifth annual 'Global Public Investor,' a publication devoted to public sector asset ownership and management around the world. Speakers included Louis de Montpellier of State Street Global Advisors, Joaquim Levy of the World Bank Group and Mario Marcel of the Banco Central do Chile

Bull market has further to run


Investment Clock: Bull market has further to run

The world is experiencing one of the longest economic expansions since records began and there's no end in sight, with muted inflationary pressures keeping interest rates low. Stock markets like this not too hot, not too cold 'Goldilocks' backdrop.

Global infrastructure finance falls


Global infrastructure finance falls

Global infrastructure financing has fallen short of its potential.Private sector investment and institutional investor capital are often raised as possible solutions for filling the infrastructure funding gap.

Regulatory freedom brings prosperity


Regulatory freedom brings prosperity

Productivity and economic growth continue to disappoint in most countries. Although analysts show a great deal of concern for the so-called 'productivity puzzle', little attention is paid to the real solution: freer markets and increased competition.

Bull markets don't die of old age


Investment Clock: Bull markets don't die of old age

Stock prices have been rising for more than eight years, but bull markets don't die of old age. There are few signs of the excessive growth, valuation or financial leverage that usually signal the approach of a bear market. With interest rates below inflation, it is unsurprising that money continues to flow into markets.

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Bitcoin market crash inevitable

Advisory Board

Bitcoin market crash 'inevitable'

The poll for this month focuses on the future of bitcoin. Participants were asked: ‘Will the bitcoin market crash exponentially and if so, when?’