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News And Commentary

Trump stuck with Powell despite strains

Donald Trump has been complaining loudly and often how much Jerome Powell's policy bothers him. In practice, the US president's freedom of action in firing a Fed chief is practically non-existent. The Fed has sought to defend its hard-won independence since the 1951 Treasury-Fed Accord, writes Darrell Delamaide.

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Global crypto-asset regulatory landscape

Potential crypto-asset investors favour established jurisdictions such as Switzerland, the UK and US for trading and investment operations in this new asset class, according to a survey by investment firm London & Oxford and OMFIF published in a new report on the 'Global crypto-asset regulatory landscape'.

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May the survivor will plough on

Theresa May is still standing. The UK prime minister has better cards in her hand than many of her opponents think. Her strengths are the lack of viable alternatives. May is much like the Brexit deal. Not to everyone's liking, but there is no better choice available, writes Meghnad Desai.

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Second referendum 'won't solve anything'

'Lots of people are playing up the idea of another referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, but this is wholly unlikely, as it wouldn't resolve anything. It would just prolong the state of uncertainty,' said David Marsh, chairman of OMFIF, speaking on CNBC.

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Opening for US-China renminbi action

Both the US and China want to pursue their domestic economic agendas without the complications of a falling renminbi, writes Mark Sobel. This could create an opening for unexpected co-operative action – a joint foreign exchange intervention operation to strengthen the renminbi.

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Five options if UK rejects May deal

Even if UK Prime Minister Theresa May loses her position in the light of outcries against her Brexit deal, the arrival of a new Conservative party leader would not change the parliamentary arithmetic behind agreement. If parliament votes against the deal, there are just five possible outcomes, writes Charles Grant.

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Renminbi's global reserve share rising

Despite a weaker renminbi/dollar rate this year, the Chinese currency has increased its share in global reserves. Less than a decade after the launch of the renminbi internationalisation initiative, more than 60 central banks are estimated to have renminbi in their reserves, writes Gary Smith.

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British EU exit deal uncertainties

Britain's uncertain prospects for securing an exit deal from the EU and then securing backing from parliament were examined in an OMFIF briefing in London by Lord (Norman) Lamont, former UK chancellor of the exchequer, and Lord (Christopher) Tugendhat, former vice-president of the European Commission.

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The 2018 Absa Africa Financial Markets Index launched in Bali alongside the IMF-World Bank Group meetings. In its second year, the index is a premier indicator of the attractiveness of Africa’s capital markets, for use by investors and asset managers around the world.

Investment Clock – A pivotal October


Investment Clock – A pivotal October

Stock market volatility tends to reach its peak in October, underlined by famous crashes in 1929, 1987 and 2008. Cross-currents in the world economy make this October particularly pivotal, especially in the light of the tug of war between good news out of the US and bad news out of China.

Threat of staglation


Investment Clock: Threat of stagflation

Global growth and inflation figures, in addition to rising commodity prices and interest rates, point to the risk of staglation over the summer months. The geopolitical backdrop, and the threat of a US-China trade war, also has a whiff of stagflation about it.

Bull market has further to run


Investment Clock: Bull market has further to run

The world is experiencing one of the longest economic expansions since records began and there's no end in sight, with muted inflationary pressures keeping interest rates low. Stock markets like this not too hot, not too cold 'Goldilocks' backdrop.

Global infrastructure finance falls


Global infrastructure finance falls

Global infrastructure financing has fallen short of its potential.Private sector investment and institutional investor capital are often raised as possible solutions for filling the infrastructure funding gap.

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Advisory Board

Protecting current auditing structure

This month’s poll focuses on the UK’s top accountancy firms. Participants were asked: ‘With many people attributing at least some of the blame for the collapse of services firm Carillion to the ‘big four’ UK accounting firms, should their oligopoly on the audit market be reviewed?’