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Kafka and Karlsruhe – route to resolution

Kafka and Karlsruhe – route to resolution

European parliament can unblock ECB imbroglio
Preventing Europe’s ‘Great Fragmentation’ Danae Kyriakopoulou, 1 June 2020
Communicating in crisis Helen Gibson, 29 May 2020
UK negative rates could do more harm than good Danae Kyriakopoulou, 28 May 2020
Chinese banks’ global footprints Herbert Poenisch, 28 May 2020

OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute Journal — May edition

Both state and private agents need to work to bring the public with them to trust digital money. It is also not clear that the two sectors trust one another quite yet. We are setting up OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute to bring them together for useful conversations in an off-the-record setting, just as we do more broadly for monetary and macro policy, underpinned by regular commentary and research from our renowned team.



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April 2020: Southeast Asian co-operation in crisis

April 2020: Southeast Asian co-operation in crisis

Spring 2020 Vol.11 Ed.2 When we started working on this issue of the ...
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The role of blockchain in banking

The role of blockchain in banking

Future prospects for cross-border payments Major banks and financial institutions are realising that ...
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Economic and financial trends in Latin America

Virtual panel Wed 3 Jun 2020, 15:00 - 16:00. .

Markets and their supervision in times of Covid-19

Verena Ross, Executive Director, European Securities and Markets AuthorityVirtual roundtable Thu 4 Jun 2020, 11:00 - 12:00. .

Demystifying Brexit negotiations

Shanker Singham, former advisor to UK GovernmentVirtual roundtable Mon 8 Jun 2020, 10:00. .

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