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Launched in 2022, OMFIF’s Wealth Strategy Institute is uniquely positioned to provide insight to HNWs and UHNWs, their advisers, and the businesses that serve them. The Wealth Strategy Institute will bring all of OMFIF’s expertise to this audience through landmark events in 2023. 

Wealth Strategy Institute themes

Succession planning:
A recent survey of family offices showed that one-third see managing the transition of wealth to the next generation as their biggest challenge – yet just half felt they were fully prepared to do that. OMFIF will use its network of leading advisers and families in developed markets to bring their experience in this area to our events and our reports, creating an important network effect for partners of the WSI.

How to make your wealth matter:
Rich families now have a wide array of means, through which to make an impact with their wealth, from charitable donations to philanthropy, and increasingly via sustainable and social investments. Incorporating such considerations into portfolio construction is complex and data is often lacking. The increasing range of products available and rising demand for personalised solutions, represent a major opportunity for wealth managers. 

Building family offices:
Building a family office and establishing a flourishing financial eco-system around your family’s wealth, can lead to a highly sophisticated investment approach. OMFIF will incorporate these themes, blending insight from leading family offices, across our content. 

Today’s NextGen are tomorrow’s ultra-wealthy:
Collectively, HNW and UHNW investors typically have longer-term investment horizons, greater risk appetite, and a desire to use their wealth for a positive social impact. They don’t want to be treated like their parents, and they want more from relationship managers. Rather than simple investment advice, they want opportunities, such as exclusive private investments, specialised lending and investment expertise, which they can only access through a wealth manager. 

A recent survey of 200 global family offices, asked what factors will impact financial markets over the next 12 months, placed inflation (30% of respondents) at the top of the list, followed by the impact of Covid-19 (23%) and negative interest rates (11%). Through our Economic and Monetary Policy Institute, OMFIF brings together leading central bankers on a regular basis to discuss these macro themes. Through their participation in our WSI events, UHNWs can gain direct access to their thinking,

Investment flows:
Over the past decade, OMFIF has built a remarkable network of 850 Global Public Investors – an elite mix of central bank reserve managers, sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds, collectively overseeing more than $42 trillion in managed assets. Many of these investors – which drive demand across the financial markets – share with OMFIF their asset allocation plans, which we report on an annual basis. These influential investors will also participate in our events, and OMFIF will share the results of their investment outlook across our new WSI network. 

UHNWs are increasingly looking to increase their investments in sustainable assets, especially among the next generation. But they – and their advisers and managers – are hampered by the lack of quantitative and outcome-oriented data. OMFIF has taken a leading role in this debate through our Sustainable Policy Institute, where we interact constantly with central banks, policy-makers and leading investors to promote best practice in ESG data collection and reporting. The WSI will bring these stakeholders together with private investors to share knowledge and understanding. 

Technology/Digitalisation of financial markets:
Digital assets and new technology are set to transform financial markets. This transformation includes the development of digital currencies, from both central banks and the private sector. Understanding this transformation will be key to investors across the spectrum, including UHNWs. Through our Digital Monetary Policy Institute, OMFIF is the leading global forum for discussion about the role of digital currencies and assets, bringing together key influencers from the public and private sectors. We look forward to including UHNWs and their advisers in these discussions.

Wealth Strategy Institute network

HNWs and UHNWs as Investors
OMFIF’s outstanding track record has been built on our ability to create the highest level of networks for financial market participants, to debate and learn about the key trends in global markets. The pool of investable assets among the global wealth client base today is estimated to be around $46 trillionThese sophisticated individual investors want the same insight and analysis as institutional investors. 

Our Wealth Strategy Institute will give HNWs and UHNWs access to a remarkable group of policy-makers and influencers in core areas of investment policy, directly or via their advisers.  

HNWs and UHNWs as Families
Instead of following the traditional model of a corporate agenda, wealth managers today must pursue a client-oriented agenda. Rather than sorting clients by wallet size, they must differentiate them by their needs to unlock new sources of value, and allow them to set the agenda. 

OMFIF understands the need to produce bespoke content for HNWs and UHNWs and has a strong track record in this area. The team behind the Wealth Strategy Institute was responsible for Euromoney’s previously successful delivery of reports and events, tailored to an audience of UHNWs and their advisers. 

Benefits of the Wealth Strategy Institute

Benefits and opportunities include:

  • Attending WSI meetings, including exclusive roundtable discussions, seminars, lectures, launches and panel discussions
  • Attending private WSI briefing sessions to hear and discuss the latest economic-focused intelligence behind the headlines
  • Accessing OMFIF analysis, including daily commentaries, in-depth thinking and thematic research papers
  • Contributing to WSI research and collaborate on joint research papers
  • Speaking at WSI meetings or co-host a joint meeting


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Lily Zhu
Managing Director, Global Wealth Management & Head of Asia

Clive Horwood
Managing Editor

Phil Moore
Contributing Editor

Amy Holder
Events Coordinator


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