As Germany and Europe face historical turning points, what is their economic, political and financial outlook following the recent German elections? This off-the-record roundtable brings together leading German experts from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, Federal Ministry of Finance and the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft to discuss the changing political and economic landscape in a post-Covid-19 and potentially post-Angela Merkel world. Themes include the German growth agenda and investments in the green economy, fiscal and monetary interaction on the European stage, EU budget and fiscal union implications, as well as the future of US-Europe relations.


Philipp Steinberg, Director General for Economic Policy, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs
Hubertus Bardt, Head of Research, Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft
Frank Scheidig, Global Head of Senior Executive Banking, DZ BANK
Nick Alexander, Counsellor for Global and Economic Issues, British Embassy in Berlin
Ernst Welteke, former president, Bundesbank
Albrecht Ritschl, Professor, London School of Economics

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