Over the past year the Covid-19 pandemic has hit Latin America particularly hard. While a bounce-back of sorts is already being seen, two decades of disappointing economic performance in comparison to other emerging market regions has left doubt in many analysts’ minds. With a continuing struggle to obtain high-quality vaccines in the region, further waves of Covid-19 can’t be discounted and a reopening boom may not occur. Despite this, the region may still benefit from wider global trends, a rise in commodity prices, increased global demands and a resumption of capital flows towards global markets. OMFIF is convening a panel of Latin America experts to plot the economic future of the region.

Pablo Guidotti, Dean School of Government, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella; Deputy Minister of the Economy and Secretary of the Treasury, Republic of Argentina (August 1996-December 1999)
Alejandro Werner, Former Director, Western Hemisphere Department, International Monetary Fund
Joaquim Levy, Former Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer; Minster of Finance, Brazil (2014-2015)
Mark Sobel, US Chair, OMFIF

Recorded: 28/10/2021


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