Synopsis: Federal Reserve communications, UK party manifestos, Trump’s troubled relationship with the dollar

In this episode of Synopsis, OMFIF’s weekly roundup of news and analysis, Senior Editor Julian Frazer looks back over the most recent articles published on the OMFIF website, including those on the virtues and shortcomings of the Federal Reserve’s financial stability reports, the manifestos presented by Britain’s biggest political parties in the run up to the 12 December general election, and Donald Trump’s vexed relationship with his currency. To receive our newsletters,visit

Articles and other items referenced:

  1. New Fed reports fall short on risks
  2. Statism v. ‘safety first’ in UK election
  3. Mighty dollar maddens Trump
  4. What is driving increased gold demand?
  5. Paris roundtable on making Europe competitive
  6. London seminar on central bank supervisory technology
  7. New York meeting on Asia’s economic priorities for 2020

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