Synopsis: Central banks v coronavirus, Biden’s surge, and more

In this episode of Synopsis, OMFIF Subeditor Julie Levy-Abegnoli looks back over the most recent articles published on the OMFIF website, including those the Joe Biden’s surge, the future of the EBRD, and how the Fed and ECB are responding to the coronavirus crisis.

Articles and other items referenced:

  1. Biden’s surge and the power of fear
  2. Future of the EBRD
  3. Outlines of US response to coronavirus coming into relief
  4. Time to reset euro policy mix
  5. ECB should turn to supervisory forbearance
  6. Lagarde to shoot high and go big
  7. ECB puts the ball in the fiscal court
  8. Lamont analyses end of austerity

Music: Hey Mercy by Pierce Murphy is licensed under an Attribution License.

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