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Informal roundtables with policy-makers from around the world.

Forthcoming Meetings

Briefings | Thu 30 Jun 2016

Post-referendum telephone briefing

2016.06.30 - Post-referendum telephone briefing 1.0

David Marsh, managing director of OMFIF, moderates the first in a series of weekly telephone briefings on the UK vote to leave the EU, which will become an essential part of our analysis as we take time each week to parse how the situation is emerging. 

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Briefings | Thu 7 Jul 2016

Post-referendum telephone briefing

2016.07.07 - Post-referendum telephone briefing 2.0

Philip Middleton, senior adviser of OMFIF, moderates the second in a series of weekly telephone briefings on the UK vote to leave the EU, which will have a focus on asset management, capital markets and financial supervision/regulation – relating to central banks, sovereign funds, pension funds, regulators and treasuries.  

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Briefings | Tue 12 Jul 2016

Foreign exchange reserves in a volatile world

2016.07.13 - TB Foreign exchange reserves in a volatile world

A telephone briefing for reserve managers focusing on the accumulation and rundown of foreign exchange reserves, with a specific concentration on emerging market economies. The discussion also focuses on the renminbi’s inclusion in the special drawing right and the challenges facing more-established reserve currencies. 

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Briefings | Wed 9 Nov 2016

Telephone briefing on the US election

2016.11.09 - Telephone briefing on the US election

David Marsh, managing director of OMFIF, moderates a discussion on the political and economic impact of the previous day’s US presidential election.

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Past Meetings

2016 reveal more news

Briefings | Fri 24 Jun 2016

Telephone briefings on referendum result

Briefings | Thu 16 Jun 2016

Telephone briefing on Fed rate decision

Briefings | Thu 16 Jun 2016

US perspectives on financial stability, reform and market liquidity


Briefings | Tue 31 May 2016

Overcoming Europe’s macroeconomic challenges


Briefings | Tue 17 May 2016

The British EU referendum: economic, financial, investment and political issues


Briefings | Mon 18 Apr 2016

What have we learned from the euro crisis?


Briefings | Mon 21 Mar 2016

Examining global imbalances and current account risks


Briefings | Tue 15 Mar 2016

Views on the eve of the Fed announcement

Briefings | Tue 1 Mar 2016

Abenomics and the Bank of Japan’s monetary policies


Briefings | Mon 15 Feb 2016

Digital disruption, blockchain and the future of capital markets


Briefings | Tue 26 Jan 2016

Meeting the challenges of a transforming Asia-Pacific


Briefings | Wed 20 Jan 2016

Global economic challenges for 2016 and beyond


Briefings | Wed 20 Jan 2016

Breakfast briefing on exchange rate policy


Briefings | Tue 12 Jan 2016

The National Infrastructure Commission: ‘Get Britain building’


2015 reveal more news

Briefings | Tue 15 Dec 2015

Diverging interest rates between the US and the euro area

Briefings | Mon 7 Dec 2015

A new dawn for investors in Argentina?

Briefings | Mon 23 Nov 2015

Between Debt and the Devil: Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance


Briefings | Tue 3 Nov 2015

Reserve asset diversification and investment in equities


Briefings | Fri 30 Oct 2015

Europe Restructured


Briefings | Mon 26 Oct 2015

Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and the West's relationship with Russia

Telephone briefing with Prof. Michael Stuermer

Briefings | Wed 21 Oct 2015

Telephone briefing on Chinese investment into Europe

Telephone Briefing with panel of experts

Briefings | Tue 20 Oct 2015

Roundtable discussion with China Construction Bank


Briefings | Tue 6 Oct 2015

Roundtable briefing with the Africa Finance Corporation


Briefings | Tue 22 Sep 2015

Roundtable on lifting Iranian sanctions: What does it mean for trade and finance?


Briefings | Fri 18 Sep 2015

US interest rates and the world economy: reflections from advanced and emerging market economies

Telephone briefing

Briefings | Thu 10 Sep 2015

Telephone briefing for Chinese Global Public Investors

Telephone briefing

Briefings | United Kingdom Fri 4 Sep 2015

Roundtable briefing with Yanis Varoufakis and Lord (Norman) Lamont


Briefings | Thu 16 Jul 2015

Testing time for Greece over debt repayments

Telephone briefing with Prof. Plutarchos Sakellaris

Briefings | Thu 16 Jul 2015

Greece ahead of ECB debt repayment

Telephone briefing with Prof. Gikas Hardouvelis

Briefings | Thu 16 Jul 2015

Greece and Europe after the Brussels debt agreement

Telephone briefing with Yanis Varoufakis

Briefings | UK Mon 22 Jun 2015

A briefing on QQE and Japan’s economy


Briefings | United Kingdom Fri 24 Apr 2015

Outlook for the Japanese economy


Briefings | USA Fri 17 Apr 2015

Gold, the renminbi and the multicurrency reserve system


Briefings | United Kingdom Mon 23 Mar 2015

Securing Ukraine’s economic and financial future


Briefings | United Kingdom Tue 17 Mar 2015

Quantitative easing in Europe and the great monetary polarisation

Telephone briefing

Briefings | United Kingdom Thu 12 Mar 2015

Universal banking in China: lessons from the UK


Briefings | Fri 20 Feb 2015

IFC Managed Co-Lending Portfolio Program (MCPP)

Breakfast briefing on the Managed Co-Lending Portfolio Program (MCPP)

Briefings | Mon 16 Feb 2015

What is the vision for Greece's future?

Briefings | Thu 22 Jan 2015

Questions over Greece's election – Will we see debt rescheduling and contagion in the euro area?

Telephone briefing with Vicky Pryce

2014 reveal more news

Briefings | Tue 11 - Tue 11 Nov 2014

Australia's economic outlook

Telephone briefing with Bronwyn Curtis, Jenny Wilkinson, Brenton Goldsworthy and Davis Drage

Briefings | Mon 27 Oct 2014

The Health of European Banks: Reviewing the ECB’s AQR and Stress Testing Exercise

Telephone briefing with with Dr Moorad Choudhry, Folker Hellmeyer and Philip Middleton

Briefings | United Kingdom Fri 24 Oct 2014

OMFIF China Focus: The Fourth Plenum of the CCP

Telephone briefing with Gabriel Stein, Linda Yueh and John Adams

Briefings | United Kingdom Fri 19 Sep 2014

Scotland votes - the implications for the UK, Europe, sterling and international capital markets

Telephone briefing with Sir Andrew Large, William Paterson and John Nugée

Briefings | United Kingdom Tue 22 Jul 2014

Czech monetary policy regimes

A roundtable discussion with Miroslav Singer, Governor, Czech National Bank

Briefings | United Kingdom Tue 27 May 2014

How Europe voted: Implications for policy-making

Telephone briefing with Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, Philippe Lagayette, John Kornblum and Edoardo Reviglio

Briefings | United Kingdom Fri 16 May 2014

Europe votes: What is at stake?

Telephone briefing with Ludger Kühnhardt, Alain Salles and Lord (Christopher) Tugendhat

Briefings | United Kingdom Thu 3 Apr 2014

Asian development outlook for 2014 and beyond

Juzhong Zhuang, Deputy Chief Economist, Asian Development Bank

Briefings | United Kingdom Mon 31 Mar 2014

Ukraine, Russia and the West - political and economic options for the way ahead

Telephone briefing with Vasily Astrov, David Cameron, Stephen Hanson, Pawel Kowalewski, and Marina Shargorodska

Briefings | United Kingdom Tue 18 Mar 2014

The Canadian economy, monetary policy and financial stability

Tiff Macklem, Senior Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada

Briefings | United Kingdom Thu 27 Feb 2014

Oman as a location for the energy, mining and resource extraction industries

Salim bin Nasser Al-Ismaily, Chairman of the Omani Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development

Briefings | United Kingdom Thu 27 Feb 2014

The Oman financial community and the role of sovereign wealth funds

Fabio Scacciavillani, Chief Economist, Oman Investment Fund

Briefings | United Kingdom Thu 13 Feb 2014

Abenomics and the third arrow

Toshio Oya, Counselor, Ministry of Finance, Japan

Briefings | China Thu 13 Feb 2014

China's capital account liberalisation

Telephone briefing with Gabriel Stein and Wang Wen

Briefings | Mon 3 Feb 2014

Africa's year of ambition: What to expect in 2014

Telephone Briefing with Albert Bressand and Minesh Mashru

Briefings | United Kingdom Fri 31 Jan 2014

Outlook for the Spanish economy and reform agenda in 2014

Jaime García-Legaz, Spanish Trade Secretary

2013 reveal more news

Briefings | United Kingdom Wed 20 Nov 2013

The continuing European crisis and its impact on the periphery

Konstantinos Bikas, Vicky Pryce

Briefings | Thu 14 Nov 2013

China's Third Plenum: Implications for the economy

Telephone briefing with Songzuo Xiang, Linda Yueh

Briefings | Wed 6 Nov 2013

The situation on the financial markets in Germany and Europe

Telephone briefing with Joachim Nagel

Briefings | Thu 24 Oct 2013

Prospects for the Bank of Japan and the Japanese economy

Telephone briefing with Shumpei Takemori, Makoto Utsumi

Briefings | Mon 7 Oct 2013

The European economic environment after the German elections

Telephone briefing with Hans-Olaf Henkel, Philippe Lagayette, Gianni Toniolo

Briefings | Wed 2 Oct 2013

Developments in Italy and euro area

Telephone briefing with Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Iain Begg

Briefings | Tue 24 Sep 2013

Post-election Germany

Telephone briefing with John Kornblum, Francesco Papadia, Michael Sturmer, Ernst Welteke

Briefings | Wed 18 Sep 2013

Abenomics and Japanese monetary policy

Telephone briefing with Akinari Horii

Briefings | Wed 11 Sep 2013

Pre-election Germany

Telephone briefing with John Kornblum, Michael Burda

Briefings | Thu 22 Aug 2013

The new global frontier: Understanding China’s monetary policy

Telephone briefing with Yang Hua, John Plender

Briefings | Fri 19 Apr 2013

Alternative for Germany party - positions and prospects

Telephone briefing with Bernd Lucke