One hundred days into the 46th president’s first term, the signals are clear. Climate is a priority, tech firms are being reined in, a ‘position of strength’ is to be found and ‘united is the path forward.’ At the same time, collaborations between climate leaders are expected to align global standards, technological advances are both enabling and disrupting markets, recoveries are progressing quickly outside of the US and conservatives may be supporting a ‘third’ victory for Trump. What does this fragile landscape mean for Asia Pacific as it navigates its own growth and recovery? Is this the time for conservative consensus or to seek to independently innovate?

OMFIF and Barclays convenes a roundtable to exchange perspectives on what might drive policy decisions as the US forges a new, yet familiar, path.

Mohd Munir Abdul Majid, Chairman, ASEAN Business Advisory Council Malaysia
Jeffrey Baker, U.S Representative to SEA, U.S Department of Treasury
Shawn Golhar, Head of Public Policy Research, Barclays
Lilian Macharia, Head of Portfolio Management, Green Climate Fund
Rebecca Mikula-Wright, Executive Director, Asia Investor Group on Climate Change
Douglas Arner, Kerry Holdings Professor in Law and
Director of Asian Institute of International Law, University of Hong Kong
Ilaria Chan, Group Advisor, Tech and Social Impact, Grab


Recorded: 30/4/2021

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