Building on OMFIF’s status as an independent think tank for central banks, the Digital Monetary Institute brought together 2,000+ policy-makers, technology experts and investors on 28-29 April 2021 to push the boundaries of the discussion on practical and theoretical aspects of digital currencies and the future of capital markets at a two day virtual symposium.

Watch the public Symposium sessions On Demand below:

Day one- 28 April 2021

The Sand Dollar
Retail CBDCs: Policy implications and rollout strategies
China’s digital currency and the evolution of CBDCs
Solving offline payments for scalable and interoperable CBDCs
The payments revolution from the consumer’s perspective
Why CBDC will not be like cash: Exploring different approaches to privacy
Next steps for cross border payments
Digital euro: What are the opportunities and risks for Europe
Why Haiti’s central bank is considering CBDC

Day two- 29 April 2021

Banque de France’s wholesale CBDC project
DLT banking applications
CBDCs: objectives and architectural considerations
Fnality’s global payment solution
CBDC, blockchain and privacy
Swiss National Bank: Integrating tokenised digital assets and central bank money
Evolution in capital markets: Digitalisation of assets
CBDC and DeFi: the future of digital finance
NFTs and their legal framework
From cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and Diem to CBDCs
US crypto-asset regulation: Approach, risks and outlook
The next phase of cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency’s regulatory impact
Institutionalising cryptocurrencies: The birth of a new asset class?
Role of the dollar and the next monetary system

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