Digital assets 2023 launch


OMFIF’s Digital assets report examines the forces shaping the future of digital finance.

Following the success of our Digital assets report in 2022, this year’s edition examines the developing crypto ecosystem, as efforts to rationalise technological and financial regulatory standards – particularly in the UK, European Union, Dubai and Japan – are delivering the clarity markets have been asking for. In the US, however, new enforcement actions are jeopardising major players in the crypto system. We explore these developing tensions, examine the likely consequences and identify which jurisdictions might benefit or suffer.

At the launch event, our panel of expert speakers explored key regulatory considerations for cryptocurrencies, including digital asset classification and registration, consumer protection, licensing, segregation of customer assets, liquidity controls, wider prudential requirements and coordinated cross-border supervision. The panellists also shared insights on how traditional finance organisations are evolving to support digitalised versions of traditional financial instruments and systems.


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