Digital assets 2023

The digital assets ecosystem is going through a period of remarkable dynamism, moving from risky but exciting technology to production-grade, regulated business. Progress – both technical and regulatory – is extraordinarily rapid. This report from OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute identifies and analyses the assets, technology and service providers that are already shaping the future of digital finance. The winds of the crypto winter have blown away much of the speculative froth in the digital assets space and left us with a far clearer view of where real value and solid, reliable infrastructure is to be found.

OMFIF’s Digital assets report examines the developing ecosystem, highlighting those exchanges, custodians and other infrastructure providers that have demonstrated the most robust and resilient quality throughout this challenging period.

Key findings in the report:

  1. Cryptoassets are global and the regulatory response must be global too. National approaches are converging, helped by guidance from international bodies, but more is needed.
  2. Robust, bank-grade infrastructure is emerging that will help give TradFi institutions the confidence to explore the cryptoassets market.
  3. Though battered by scams and scandals, there is a core of value to the cryptoasset class that the crypto winter has not extinguished.
  4. DLT might render some financial market infrastructure obsolete. Regulatory sandboxes are giving market participants the chance to test that claim.
  5. The tokenisation of financial products is progressing rapidly. Combined with robo-advisory services, it could enable a more liquid and flexible market, giving investors the opportunity to better express their views through their portfolios.
  6. Banks and issuers are working hard on the creation of new, digital primary market instruments, which would settle on demand and be programmable. The pace of issuance is accelerating rapidly.

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As regulators catch up to the nuances of the new asset class, financial institutions’ experiments with digital asset technology are beginning to yield results – promising a newer and more efficient transaction medium for financial markets.

Our team of researchers at OMFIF have identified four pivotal pillars that require careful consideration over the coming months: the digitalisation of traditional finance; digital assets for sustainability; thriving in winter and spring cleaning the crypto market.

OMFIF’s readership spans across policy-makers, supranational institutions, 129 central banks and 10,000+ subscribers across the private and public sector.

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