With Governor Andrew Bailey conveying to an OMFIF gathering that the monetary policy committee ‘will, if necessary, act forcefully… no ifs and buts’ to get consumer price index inflation down to its 2% target, all eyes will be on the MPC’s August announcement. Further – and potentially heavier rate hikes – look inevitable, as the Bank reclaims its cherished policy tool, while in tandem, though not with equal force, starting a process of active quantitative tightening (gradually selling the Bank’s assets). August’s meeting thus provides an important opportunity to take the next steps – with a possible sixth rate hike since December, of at least 25 basis and very possibly more, and a pathway for QT.

To discuss the issues, Neil Williams, OMFIF’s chief economist, speaks with OMFIF economist, Taylor Pierce. For more, see ‘Bailey: system faces ‘biggest test’’.(https://www.omfif.org/2022/07/bailey-system-faces-biggest-test/)

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