How are central banks adapting their data management to thrive in a digital age?

The rapid pace of technological change is matched by the ever-evolving risks to financial stability and the global economy, as presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the acceleration of climate change and the volatility of digital financial assets. It is within this environment that central banks need to harness technology to capture, handle, integrate and use new data effectively.

In this podcast, we explore key findings of an forthcoming report assessing the challenges and opportunities facing central banks in the digital age. Our experts will dive into the operating models, technological platforms and integrated data strategies central banks are pursuing to thrive in a digital age.

Host: Lewis McLellan, Editor, Digital Monetary Institute, OMFIF

Guest: Oliver Berger, Head of Middle East & North Africa, State Street Corporation


  • The management of efficient and organic data governance
  • How central banks are approaching data transformation
  • The challenges they face when ingesting, aggregating and analysing key economic and investment data from across their key functions
  • The technologies or enterprise-wide solutions that could be used to help mitigate these challenges
  • How central banks manage data sovereignty laws when considering migrating data to the cloud
  • The intersection of process, people and technology from end to end

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