Compared with the 2014 inaugural edition of Global Public Investor, the 2015 publication has made some extensive advances, providing an illuminating description of institutions that form the bedrock of the world economy.

We extend the ranking table to 500 institutions with assets under management of $29.7tn, from 181 countries, equivalent to 40% of world GDP. Of these, 63 are from Africa, 103 from Asia Pacific, 164 from Europe, 42 from Latin America and the Caribbean, 33 from the Middle East, and 95 from North America. The GPI list includes 164 central banks, 89 sovereign funds and 247 public pension funds.

We have witnessed an intriguing rebalancing of the make-up of the GPI community. Central banks’ share of assets has fallen to $13.0tn, or 43.9% of the total, partly reflecting the effect of the dollar’s rise on non-dollar-denominated reserves. The shares of sovereign funds and public pension funds have risen to $6.7tn (22.5% of the total) and $10.0tn (33.6%) respectively.

Although the Top 10 investors show little change on last year, there have been rapid rises and falls in other sections of the table, with institutions from Pakistan, Argentina, Indonesia and Vietnam moving up in the rankings and representatives of Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia and Ireland falling.

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