Diversity in financial leadership: policies, tools and strategies

RoundtableWashington DCSustainable Policy Institute
Thu 18 Apr 202407:00 - 08:45

It is projected to take 140 years to have an equal number of women and men at the helm of central banks and major financial institutions. With gender diversity being essential to ensuring strong investment returns and risk management, the leadership roles women hold are critical in catalysing an inclusive culture and realising the economic benefits of gender balance.

At the International Monetary Fund spring meetings, the Sustainable Policy Institute and Franklin Templeton are hosting a roundtable discussing the role of central banks and policy-makers in driving gender balance, diversity and inclusion within financial institutions.

The discussion will build on OMFIF’s 2024 edition of the annual Gender Balance Index report, sponsored by Franklin Templeton. The report examines current policies and standards being developed, as well as the strategies and measures being implemented to promote inclusivity, equal opportunities and steer women into leadership positions.



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