Navigating macroeconomics and the environment with Banco de México

Navigating macroeconomics and the environment with Banco de México

Conversations with the Governor   London   Conversations with the Governor
  Mon 20 Mar 2023 08:45 - 10:30

As the global community grapples with economic challenges and the urgent need to address environmental concerns, this OMFIF meeting with Irene Espinosa, deputy governor of Banco de México, offers a unique opportunity to discuss the intersection between macroeconomics and driving sustainable finance.

The event will focus on the role of central banks in promoting the use of green finance, integrating climate risk to maintain economic stability and how macroeconomic policies can be leveraged to drive sustainable growth and green investment.

08:45-09:00: Registration
09:00-10:30: Roundtable

Irene Espinosa, Deputy Governor, Banco de México

In-person attendees will receive venue details soon.

This meeting will be conducted under the OMFIF Rules.

This event is part of the OMFIF Institute for Economic and Monetary Policy, OMFIF’s core stream of activities covering economic and monetary policy and the political economy. OMFIF is an independent think tank for central banking, economic policy and public investment, providing a neutral platform for best practice in worldwide public-private sector exchanges worldwide. For membership enquiries please contact, or for further information please see the OMFIF website.

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