The sovereign investor’s guide to investing in real assets

Elevated inflation readings continue to be seen across global markets. While the likelihood remains that central banks will implement controls, when necessary, to stave off the threat of runaway inflation, some investors are beginning to express nervousness. The current climate is leading many to take a fresh look at infrastructure and real estate investments in hopes they will provide an inflation hedge across phases of the cycle, as expectations for equities and bonds begin to look down. Investors are also hoping to correct long-term portfolio balance, which has been skewed heavily towards financial assets as a result of decarbonisation and climate change.

OMFIF and Kroll hosted an interactive panel to examine the opportunities that real assets can offer in the market. The discussion explores:

  • Macroeconomic issues affecting the real asset market:
    • Challenges facing sovereign investors and global developments influencing infrastructure and real estate investments
    • Inflation – predictions and impacts
  • Methods for the valuation of infrastructure and real estate
  • Results from Global Public Investor 2021 report
  • The emerging resilience of financial institutions and changes supporting this resiliency

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