Synopsis: When central bankers’ powers run out, trust in central banks, tackling climate change, and more

In this episode of Synopsis, OMFIF Subeditor Julie Levy-Abegnoli looks back over the most recent articles published on the OMFIF website, including those on central banks’ barometer of political independence, the effect of monetary policy on trust in central banks, and sustainable finance initiatives in Southeast Asia. Later, Julie presents OMFIF’s latest report, ‘Tackling climate change: The role of banking regulation and supervision’.

Articles and other items referenced:

  1. When central bankers’ powers run out
  2. Low trust impedes digital currency plans
  3. Scaling up sustainable finance in Asia
  4. Tackling climate change: The role of banking regulation and supervision
  5. The next decade of digital finance
  6. Winners and losers in the low-interest environment
  7. Responding to uncertainty across Europe
  8. The Australian and global economic outlooks
  9. The UK’s global economic position after Brexit

Music: Hey Mercy by Pierce Murphy is licensed under an Attribution License.

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