Lessons learned from building a blockchain-based CBDC

Pietro Grassano, business solutions director for Europe at Algorand, delves into the issue of tokenised money and the need for tokenisation to occur on a domestic and cross-border level. The podcast comes ahead of the release of ‘Future of cross-border payments’, a report OMFIF created in partnership with Algorand. The podcast broaches topics such as the definition of tokenisation in relation to payments, the features of payment tokens that can help mediate cross-border frictions, the issue of blockchain centralisation and decentralisation, and the next steps for global coordination.

Enjoyed this podcast?  For the launch of OMFIF’s ‘Future of cross-border payments’ report, the Digital Monetary Institute is convening a panel titled ‘The future of cross-border payments’ to explore the potential role of digital currencies in cross-border payments, the future role of traditional payments providers and networks, the role of distributed ledger technology in upgrading wholesale payments and remittances, as well as next steps for global coordination. Register here.

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