OMFIF has produced a fourth annual Global Public Investor report devoted to public sector asset ownership and management across a range of official institutions around the world. Global public investors encompass many different types of institutions, including central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds, linked by their status as public sector-funded entities and representing a core component of world capital markets, with total holdings estimated at over $33tn.

GPI 2017 focuses on key developments on the world investment scene:

– The continued search for ‘real assets’ with higher yields than conventional market instruments
– The increase in green finance options and sustainable investment classes
– The opportunities and problems associated with prospects of rising interest rates
– The outlook for higher commodity and energy prices
– The shift in US policy towards fiscal expansion under the administration of Donald Trump
– The impact on British and International investors of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union
– The reshaping of sovereign funds and development of innovative funding solutions
– The changing dynamics in global trade patterns, composition of trade and global growth
– The rising significance of fintech and digital currencies

GPI 2017 extends further the coverage of asset classes from previous editions, including:

– Fixed income
– Green energy
– Fintech
– Public and Private equity
– Non-traditional currencies
– Gold
– Money markets
– Infrastructure
– Real estate

Top 750 ranking table
The Top 750 Ranking Table, which encompasses a full range of GPIs across the globe, is based on the assets under management of central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds.

The GPI Top 750 lists public sector asset managers with assets over $250m and provides maps, charts and diagrams breaking down distribution of funds. The GPI Top 750 ranking compares all public investor types − central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds − to provide a complete picture of this growing and influential investment community.

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