Towards a future UK-China economic relationship (in person)

Towards a future UK-China economic relationship (in person)

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  Tue 22 Nov 2022 09:00 - 19:00

Despite geopolitical turbulence, investment activity continues to develop between China – as one of the world’s top two economies – and its western counterparts. At a time when the UK is reorientating its global trading relationships and seeking new opportunities in key sectors such as digital finance and sustainability, this forum examines economic developments in China and opportunities for enhanced trade and investment.

While taking account of some of the geopolitical headwinds, this forum looks at the often overlooked and poorly understood practical development and global engagement of China’s economy and principal business sectors. Underpinning the panel discussions is a practical focus on promoting mutual understanding for future economic benefit.

09:00-19:00 (London)


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