Investment, commerce and market developments in central America

Investment, commerce and market developments in central America

Virtual panel   Virtual   
  Thu 11 Mar 2021 09:00 - 10:15

OMFIF convenes a panel to discuss the macroeconomic outlook of Central America in the post-pandemic environment. The region is forecast to have a strong recovery, and OMFIF will explore the competitive advantages that have resulted from its strong intraregional ties. The discussion will look at Central America as an attractive destination for foreign investment and commerce as the Asia Pacific region begins to consider post-pandemic opportunities.

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Masamoto Kenichi
Director, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

Marisa Pardo Menéndez
Director, Head of Public Sector Americas

Dante Mossi
Executive President
Central American Bank for Economic Integration

Janne Sevanto
Head, Treasury Client Solutions
Latin America and the Caribbean

09:00-10:15 (Singapore)
20:00-21:15 (-1)(New York)

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