Seminar   Rome   Europe
  Fri 15 Nov 2019 08:30 - 14:30

At an OMFIF-Banca d’Italia seminar in Rome on the reinforcement of European economic and monetary union and challenges to euro area stability, Ignazio Visco, governor of the central bank, said: ‘The tide of the global financial crisis and the sovereign debt crisis has long fallen, but its poisonous legacy and geopolitical tensions are fuelling distrust, fears and even prejudices once thought long buried. The European construction is at a standstill while progress is badly needed in the key areas, where the union is better at prohibiting things than at getting them done.’ The full text of Governor Visco’s speech can be found here.


Alessandro Rivera, Director General of the Treasury, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Italy
Stefano Micossi, Director General, Assonime
Salvatore Serravalle, Secretary General for European Affairs, Secretariat General for EU Affairs, France