Virtual registration – The global annual DMI symposium

Virtual registration - The global annual DMI symposium

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  Wed 10 May 2023 - Thu 11 May 2023 09:00 - 17:30

The annual Digital Monetary Institute symposium in 2022 brought together central bank governors and speakers, including the US Treasury, Financial Stability Board, Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, AWS, Microsoft and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Attended by 126 central banks and experts from across the digital financial sector, the event pushed the boundaries of the discussion on practical and theoretical aspects of digital currencies and the future of capital markets.

On 10-11 May 2023, the symposium returns to examine the distribution and use cases of both retail and wholesale central bank digital currencies, tokenised assets, deposits and capital markets, cross-border payments and domestic interoperability. Speakers will explore regulatory framework harmonisation, cybersecurity considerations and the future of money in the metaverse.

This hybrid event will be held in London, convening a global network of key policy-makers, regulators and public and private sector stakeholders. The symposium will include public sessions attended by digital finance experts from across our community, and off-record, high-level roundtables to examine critical questions of technology applications, including cybersecurity and digital IDs. The agenda will enable participants to have their voices heard on important issues and move the industry beyond words into action.

Registration below is for virtual attendance. 

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