Digital Finance Forum: Considering digital currency scenarios

Digital Finance Forum: Considering digital currency scenarios

Seminar   London   Europe
  Wed 25 Sep 2019 16:30

Rapid advancements in distributed ledger technology have spurred debate about the possibilities, advantages and drawbacks of central bank digital currencies. The principal limits and trade-offs seem to stem from CBDC’s economic, monetary and financial contexts, and depend on underlying policy and political preferences concerning privacy, data administration, market power, cybersecurity, and the division of labour between the public and private sectors.

This roundtable will convene a group of public and private sector participants to discuss how different CBDC scenarios might unfold over the next five years. All proceedings will be off the record and attendees are invited to participate through comments and Q&A.


  • Mark Cliffe, Chief Economist and Head of Global Research, ING Group
  • Teunis Brosens, Lead Economist for Digital Finance and Regulation, ING Group
  • Sarah John, Chief Cashier, Bank of England
  • Jan Lebbe, Project Lead Utility Settlement Coin Digital Currency, ING
  • Jochen Metzger, Director General, Payment and Settlement Systems, Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Ivan Odonnat, Deputy Director General, Operations and Financial Stability, Banque de France
  • Priscilla Toffano, Economist, IMF; Visiting Fellow, LSE

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