CEE in focus: navigating through volatility

CEE in focus: navigating through volatility

OMFIF Live Broadcast      
  Thu 10 Nov 2022 09:00 - 11:15

With the war in Ukraine, soaring energy prices and inflation, plus quantitative tightening on the horizon, it is a highly volatile market environment in the Central and Eastern European region.

OMFIF’s Sovereign Debt Institute is hosting a high-level event focused on the CEE region. It will bring together leading debt management offices and investors to discuss how sovereign issuers are finding innovative ways to navigate through the volatility and the outlook ahead.

The second annual CEE conference will be broadcast globally to policy-makers, issuers, investors and central bankers that are part of the OMFIF network. All sessions will be recorded, on-the-record and made available shortly after the event has finished, along with a detailed write-up of the key issues discussed.


Yuriy Butsa
Government Commissioner
for Public Debt Management


Marjan Divjak
Director General
Treasury Directorate

Zoltan Kuráli
Chief Executive Officer
Government Debt Management Agency

Stefan Nanu
Head of Public Debt Management & State Treasury
Ministry of Finance

Simon Quijano-Evans
Chief Economist
Gemcorp Capital

Carlos de Sousa
EM Debt Strategist & Portfolio Manager

Markus Stix
Managing Director
Austrian Treasury

09:00-11:15 (London)
04:00-06:15 (New York)
17:00-19:15 (Singapore)


09:00- 10:20 – Session I: Funding in unique times : The market environment for new issues

• What is the market backdrop for CEE sovereign issuers?
• Have issuers been having to pay more for new issues or does the scarcity value of CEE
issuers still hold?
• How do investors view the CEE sovereign region? Are there concerns about liquidity?
• How are issuers navigating volatility? Is it becoming more important to diversify issuance
to get funding done in these volatile market conditions? What products are DMOs looking
• What is the outlook for CEE sovereign funding next year?

10:20-11:00 – Sesssion II: Fireside chat Ukraine: steps towards reconstruction and recovery

• How much does Ukraine need for its recovery and reconstruction?
• How will this be financed and how does the world join efforts to achieve this?
• To what extent will the reconstruction be ‘green’? Is this an opportunity for Ukraine to
advance its green plans?
• Ukraine’s funding programme and debt relief
• Investors’ outlook for Ukraine and sovereign debt restructuring

11:00-11:15 – Round up Q&A and closing remarks

This meeting will be conducted under the OMFIF Rules.

This virtual discussion is part of the OMFIF Sovereign Debt Institute. The SDI brings together DMOs, supranational agencies, public investors and capital market banks to promote high-level strategic dialogue and co-operation to help sovereign borrowers meet the challenges they face. Please contact melissa.roache@omfif.org directly for membership details.

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