CBDC: from vision to reality

CBDC: from vision to reality

Conversations with the Governor   Washington D.C.   Conversations with the Governor
  Fri 14 Oct 2022 07:00 - 08:30

The first central bank digital currencies have already been deployed. With few exceptions, emerging market economies are leading the way, providing valuable insights for other central banks exploring CBDC implementation.

OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute and Giesecke+Devrient are convening a private roundtable for central banks. The roundtable explores the insights and lessons learned from pilot projects, what steps need to be taken from pilot to production, what’s necessary to make a CBDC ecosystem operational and how to foster adoption. It also addresses motivations and goals – from fostering financial inclusion to boosting innovation, how to approach implementation and deciding on key design choices.

We are pleased to welcome Governor Ernest Addison from the Bank of Ghana to share some experiences in this roundtable.

This meeting allows for informal exchanges and a better appreciation of participants’ viewpoints. The roundtable is off the record and for representatives from central banks and multilateral organisations only.

07:00- 08:30 (Washington DC)

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This discussion is part of the OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute. The OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute is a high-level forum which convenes key policy-makers, technology experts, investors and regulators to explore the challenges, opportunities and implications of digital finance in the 2020s. See more information on OMFIF’s DMI here. Please contact folusho.olutosin@omfif.org directly for membership details or register your interest below and we’ll be in touch.

Registration below is for physical attendance in Washington.

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