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The macro implications of climate change

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Macroeconomic impacts of climate change could constrain growth

There are implications for policy-makers, risk professionals and investors, writes Edward Maling, research analyst, Economic and Monetary Policy Institute, OMFIF.


Shifting green growth narratives are driving the energy transition

Climate mitigation doesn’t have to come at the expense of growth, explain Marion Amiot, head of climate economics, and Paul Gruenwald, global chief economist, S&P Global Ratings.

Turning challenge into opportunity: climate change and sustainable growth

International co-operation on financial sustainability and green bonds will create new opportunities for business, explain Aldo Romani, head of sustainable finance, Tomomitsu Maruta and Alexander Krauss, associate sustainable finance officers, European Investment Bank.

Scenario models too narrow to accurately predict climate risk

Assessing the macroeconomic risks of climate change requires more short-term data and a better grasp of model uncertainty, explains Sebastian Werner, head of climate risk scenario design, Citi.

Inflation and labour markets

Greenflation and the transition to carbon neutrality

The transition to a carbon-neutral economy could have significant consequences for growth and price levels, writes Stephane Dees, head of climate economics, Banque de France.

The big squeeze? Environmental risks for labour markets

Climate change will severely impact jobs around the world, explains Joseph Feyertag, policy fellow, Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics.

Financing the transformation

Sustainable transformation must go beyond the environment

The economic implications of the transition for capital markets must also be considered, writes Marcus Pratsch, head of sustainable bonds & finance, DZ BANK AG.

Asia’s role in the transition to net zero

The region must transform its growth patterns, write Declan Magee, principal economist for climate change and sustainable development, and Abdul Abiad, director of macroeconomic research at the Asian Development Bank.

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