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Global Public Investor 2016

For the third in its annual series, OMFIF has produced a comprehensive international publication − Global Public Investor 2016 − devoted to public sector asset ownership and management across a range of official institutions around the world.

GPI 2016

The publication is focused on two fundamental developments on the world investment scene: 
the use of a rising number of currencies in world asset management, in particular, confirmation by the International Monetary Fund of the renminbi 
as a reserve currency; and the growth of low-carbon investment, part of a general upgrading 
of the importance of sustainable investment.

Global Public Investor 2016 covers the gamut of global official sector asset managers – a broad mix of investors of immense importance to the world economy. These organisations encompass many different types of institutions linked by their status as public sector-funded entities representing acore component of world capital markets and with total holdings estimated at $30tn.

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GPI 2016 extends 2014-15 methodology

Global Public Investor 2016 extends the methodology developed by OMFIF in 2014 and 2015, combining explanation and analysis of many public fund managers and asset owners displaying trends in specialised fields identified as key topics for 2016. The publication features in-depth descriptions of the investment approach of central banks, sovereign funds, and other types of public-owned investors across Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Latin America and the Caribbean. It provides an accessible guide to the overarching issues that link these different bodies.

Most of the individual articles and contributions in this publication are written by practitioners from well-known public sector asset management groups. This distinguishes GPI 2016 from many other publications, and makes it a practical and authoritative guide that will be of relevance to the GPI community itself, as well as private sector market participants. Additional contributions from specialist representatives of private sector financial groups support the publication.

Top 500 ranking table

The Top 500 Ranking Table, which encompasses a full range of GPIs across the globe, is based on the assets under management of central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds.

The GPI Top 500 lists public sector asset managers with assets over $250m and provides maps, charts and diagrams breaking down distribution of funds. The GPI Top 500 ranking compares all public investor types − central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds − to provide a complete picture of this growing and influential investment community.

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