The market for EU bonds: creating a liquid, safe asset

Leading market participants and a senior European Union official delved into the EU’s efforts to enhance the attractiveness of its bonds for global investors. The panel analysed key initiatives like the unified funding approach, quoting arrangements on electronic platforms and active participation in the repurchasing market. Siegfried Ruhl provided the issuer perspective, while Benjamin Adubi, Neil Murray and Asif Sherani represented major investment and banking players. Moderated by OMFIF’s Clive Horwood, this session offered critical insights into improving liquidity and access for EU debt securities in international markets. The discussion took place at the OMFIF’s ‘Europe: The opportunity for global investors’ summit in Dubai.

Benjamin Adubi, Managing Director and Head of SSA Syndicate, Morgan Stanley
Neil Murray, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
Siegfried Ruhl, Hors Classe Adviser to the Director General for Budget, European Commission
Asif Sherani, Managing Director, Head of DCM Syndicate EMEA, HSBC

Moderator: Clive Horwood, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Managing Editor, OMFIF

OMFIF, in partnership with the European Commission, will be continuing the discussions of the EU’s developments as a global benchmark and safe asset in the capital markets with an event in Singapore on 10 September. This will be an exclusive opportunity for investors in the Asia Pacific region to hear directly from the officials responsible for the EU budget and its funding and disbursement programme.

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