De Nederlandsche Bank and OMFIF’s Sustainable Policy Institute hosted a one-day conference on the relevance of biodiversity loss for the financial system and financial stability, and the role of public and private finance in the preservation of biodiversity. The loss of biodiversity is considered one of the greatest risks to society and the global economy, as it accelerates climate change and threatens the health of ecosystems that provide services to the economy. Policy-makers are incorporating biodiversity loss in disclosure standards, while financial market participants increasingly focus on integrating biodiversity metrics into risk frameworks and investment decisions.

This video is a recording of one of the symposium sessions.

Why the value of nature is essential?

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive Secretary, United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

• Why is it important to collectively start acting now?
• Preview of COP15 – what should and will governments do to safeguard
• What is expected of the financial sector and how can financial markets help close the investment gap of biodiversity?

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