OMFIF hosted conference in Frankfurt to examine how the European Union can strengthen its sustainable finance competitive process, with a special emphasis on Germany and Luxembourg. The EU has made vast efforts on climate change, with the EU taxonomy spearheading sustainable finance regulatory practice, developments of disclosure frameworks and the integration of climate risk into financial services. Yet challenges persist with divergence in standards and jurisdictional approaches, the need to tackle greenwashing and converging the real economic and financial markets to achieve effective net zero transition.

This conference brought together public sector agencies worldwide, emphasising the central importance of public-private interactions for success in this sphere. Participants form a powerful force for co-operation in setting standards. Topics discussed included refining green products and instruments for more effective use of financial markets in combatting climate change, moving to a more holistic view of sustainability and, importantly, saying RIP to ESG.

Nicolette Bartlett, Chief Impact Officer, CDP
Uwe Bergmann, Director, Sustainability Management, Henkel
Yann Marin, Deputy Director for International Affairs, French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority
Elizabeth McCaul, Member of the Supervisory Board, European Central Bank
Eric Usher, Head, UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative

Emma McGarthy, Head, Sustainability Policy Institute, OMFIF

Recorded on 15/09/2022

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