As Europe faces increased inflation and the risk of low or no growth, OMFIF discusses the monetary policy response and market reaction to this reality, alongside the ever-present issue of energy security. Katrin Assenmacher, head of division, monetary policy strategy at the European Central Bank, Didier Borowski, head of global views at the Amundi Institute, and Øystein Olsen, former governor of the central bank of Norway, discuss the macroenvironment across Europe, the ECB’s new transmission protection instrument and how the continent can transition away from Russian gas.

Katrin Assenmacher, Head of Division, Monetary Policy Strategy, European Central Bank
Didier Borowski, Head of Global Views, Amundi Institute
Øystein Olsen, Former Governor, Central Bank of Norway (2011-2022)

Recorded on 25/07/2022

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