The OMFIF Sustainable Policy Institute, in partnership with Edge Certification, is launching the eighth annual Gender Balance Index, which tracks the presence of men and women in senior positions at central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds.

In this new edition, the GBI has been expanded to include commercial banks, shedding light on gender diversity in the management and boards of some of the world’s largest banking institutions. This year’s report also features exclusive findings from a survey of central banks that inquires into internal policies for diversity and inclusion, including how these have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For this year’s virtual launch on International Women’s Day, OMFIF is convening a high-level panel discussion on:
•    Organisational policies and practices for supporting gender balance
•    The consequences of Covid-19 on economic inequalities
•    How central banks and public investors can plan and contribute to a more inclusive recovery


Recorded: 08/03/2021

Tom Barkin, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Margarita Delgado, Deputy Governor, Banco de España
Clive Horwood, Managing Editor and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, OMFIF
Danae Kyriakopoulou, Chief Economist & Director, Research, OMFIF
John Orchard, Chief Executive Officer, OMFIF
Natalia Ospina, Research Assistant, OMFIF
Aniela Unguresan, Co-founder, EDGE Certified Foundation, Edge Strategy
Kat Usita, Deputy Head of Research, OMFIF

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