With the global economic rebound from Covid-19 well under way, Central America is set to recover at a faster rate than most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The region is poised to take advantage of accelerated trends in the digital economy and the greater investor focus on sustainability projects that are highly valued by the markets as a result of the pandemic.

Integration is key to unlocking Central America’s potential. New regional initiatives in financial markets, transport and energy look set to further cement close ties between the most integrated economic bloc in the Americas.

Ahead of the release of the report ‘Central America: Resilience, recovery and sustainability’, OMFIF CEO John Orchard spoke with Dante Mossi, executive president of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, and Ken Chang-Keng Chen, CABEI director for the Republic of China, Taiwan, on investment opportunities and developments for Central America in Asia, and the growth of green bond products and sustainability projects across the region.

The report, published by OMFIF in association with CABEI, covers the eight countries that make up the Central American Integration System. It presents a detailed view of the region through six pillars: macroeconomic overview; sustainable investment; commerce, external trade and foreign direct investment; financial integration; digital economy; and integration. Each pillar examines where Central American nations stand in the respective areas, highlighting flagship projects and trends that demonstrate potential while identifying where improvement is required.

The introduction of a new pillar that explores the digital economy in the region reflects the enormous opportunity that technological advancement represents for Central America.


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