Unlocking the potential of a CBDC ecosystem

Introducing a central bank digital currency requires collaboration between the public and private sectors. The key question is no longer whether monetary authorities will issue a CBDC but rather how they will do so.

A new report by OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute and Giesecke+Devrient distils the insights gathered from conversations with central banks and the organisations that sit between them and their end users. The report examines the innovations that could deliver benefits and efficiency savings to payments systems, including in programmability, security and cross-border transfers.

This launch event discussed the real-economy impact of an effective CBDC ecosystem, as well as the practical challenges faced by the public and private sectors in building it. We addressed how these players interact and collaborate, the opportunities a CBDC ecosystem could bring and communication strategies to address public concerns and provide incentives for adopting it.


Rodrigo mulinari-1

Rodrigo Mulinari

Chief Information Officer

Banco do Brasil

eric pascal-1

Eric Pascal

Global Head, Digital Currencies, Cash Management

Standard Chartered Bank

wolfram - edited

Wolfram Seidemann

Chief Executive Officer

Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology


Pallavi Thakur

Director of CBDC and Interoperability



Katie-Ann Wilson

Managing Director, DMI


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