Connecting finance and gender equality

Spring 2023

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Connecting the dots between finance and gender equality

There are many opportunities for the financial sector to make a difference, explains Anita Bhatia, assistant secretary-general and deputy executive director of UN Women.

Sustainable Finance Policy Tracker

The Sustainable Finance Policy Tracker provides a comprehensive overview of different countries’ approaches to mitigating climate risks in the financial sector.

Boosting women’s economic resilience to climate change

Appropriately designed financial instruments are crucial to ensuring women can withstand disaster risks, explain Malika Shagazatova, social development specialist (gender and development), and Ma. Piedad Geron, microfinance policy specialist, Asian Development Bank.

It’s important for us to have diverse thoughts

Emma McGarthy, head of OMFIF’s Sustainable Policy Institute, spoke with Margarita Delgado, deputy governor of the Banco de España, on central banks’ work in gender policy, driving financial inclusion, targets and strategy.

Diverse bank boardrooms contribute to fighting climate change

Female directors have a positive impact on corporate responsibility goals, write Leonardo Gambacorta, Bank for International Settlements, Livia Pancotto, University of Strathclyde, Alessio Reghezza, and Martina Spaggiari, European Central Bank.

What is workplace intersectional equity and why does it matter?

Organisations should anonymously ask employees for their workplace experiences to build more inclusive environments, writes Aniela Unguresan, founder and member of the EDGE Certified Foundation Board.

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Global economy can’t afford to wait for gender equality

What needs to change to level the playing field for women? Start with the laws, writes Tea Trumbic, manager, Women, Business and the Law, World Bank.

Why investing in women is key for a greener future

Integrating gender into finance is a trade-up rather than a trade-off, explains Barbara Rambousek, director for gender and economic inclusion, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Gender Balance Index 2023 launch

Register now for launch of the 10th edition of the Gender Balance Index.

Should reducing inequality be a central bank mandate?

An emerging chorus of economists and policy-makers are making the case that an equality objective should be a component of central banks’ monetary policy responsibilities.

What starts with ESG does not end there

Adnan Memon, chief operating officer and head of data & analytics at Citi Business Advisory Services, joins OMFIF to discuss the data challenges and opportunities facing ESG investors.

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