OMFIF’s survey of global public pension and sovereign funds revealed there is clear appetite among public investors to increase allocations to environmental, social and governance assets. But a major barrier, noted by 75% of respondents, is insufficient data or information. Adnan Memon, chief operating officer and head of data & analytics at Citi Business Advisory Services, joins Nikhil Sanghani, OMFIF’s managing director of research, to discuss the data challenges, as well as opportunities, facing ESG investors.

They explore the specific data hurdles regarding ESG investing, how investors are using data differently when considering sustainable assets and the future of ESG as a distinct asset class. They also look into the benefits of a deeper understanding of supply chains, which often isn’t limited to ESG-related risk management.

Find more details in Adnan Memon’s article, which was featured in our Global Public Pensions 2022 report.


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Recorded on – 30/01/23