Bhavin Patel, head of fintech research at OMFIF, is joined by Pietro Grassano, business solutions director at Algorand, to discuss the core differences between public and private blockchains. They distinguish between the definitions, properties (such as governance, scalability, speed, transparency and security), as well as the advantages and disadvantage of both types of networks. Finally, they share where each type of blockchain is appropriate, drawing from use cases and examples.

Join the OMFIF-Algorand virtual panel on DLT and the future of public blockchains, 27 May.

Panelists include:

  • Pietro Grassano, Business Solutions Director Europe, Algorand
  • Hugh Macmillen, Chief Innovation Officer, Instimatch
  • Yésika Padilla Yánez, Director of Innovation, Banco Davivienda

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