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OMFIF’s Global Public Investor has been the cornerstone of OMFIF’s research portfolio since it was launched in 2013. The aim of the report is to shine a light on the investment approaches of central bank reserve managers whose firepower and official status give them the ability to underpin global markets. This is complemented by OMFIF’s Global Public Pensions report, which explores key themes in asset management for major public pension funds and sovereign funds.

Global Public Investor
2023 report

OMFIF’s Global Public Index report, now in its tenth year, builds on previous years’ surveys regarding the performance and practices of central bank reserve managers.

This provides a unique insight into how reserve managers are adapting their investment approaches in the face of tightening monetary policy, high inflation and geopolitical tensions. It unpacks their approaches to sustainable finance and data. This is supplemented with desktop research from OMFIF’s analysts and economists, and include contributions from central bankers and other public sector experts.


2023 virtual launch

To launch the 10th edition of the Global Public Investor report, OMFIF’s Economic and Monetary Policy Institute hosted a virtual event on 27 June.  This launch presented key findings of the 10th annual report, offering insights into how central banks’ reserve managers are coping with inflationary pressures, geopolitics and ESG imperatives.
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Global Public Investor 2023 key findings


Basic GPI sponsorship offers marketing and branding opportunities alongside this valuable data (which covers $16tn of central bank reserves and reveals reserves managers’ thinking and intentions), and a speaking role at the launch.

In addition to the above, enhanced GPI sponsorship offers bespoke panel sessions with relevant figures from preferred regions to examine particular findings in greater detail; or tailored presentations on specific elements of the (anonymised) data, for instance honing in on regionalised findings of specific asset classes.

With a key GPI 2022 finding revealing that many central banks are seeking external managers, and with readership spanning 129 of the internationally recognised 170 central banks over the last two years, both sponsorship options offer widespread recognition as a thought leader across the global public investor space, as well as visibility and presence on the OMFIF platform.

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