The valuation of energy and infrastructure investments

The valuation of energy and infrastructure investments

Seminar   New York   
  Thu 27 Sep 2018 11:45

Investors are increasingly searching for opportunities to invest in alternative assets, reflecting the impact of low interest rates and currency volatility on traditional markets. Global public investors – central banks, sovereign funds and public pension funds – have made adjustments over the last few years and become more active in alternative assets such as energy, infrastructure and other sectors in the real economy.

OMFIF and Duff & Phelps are bringing together a global audience of high-ranking public investors, as well as private sector investors and asset managers, to discuss macroeconomic issues that affect the real asset market. The discussion will cover methods for the valuation of real assets, challenges facing sovereign investors and global developments influencing real asset investments.

The meeting is designed to attract 30-40 participants from the public and private sectors. All proceedings will be off the record.

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