Seminar   Toronto   North America
  Tue 13 Oct 2020 - Wed 14 Oct 2020 All Day

The meeting will show investors how to mitigate risk and maximise returns in an uncertain but increasingly interconnected world. It will bring together leading institutional investors, sovereign debt issuers and policy-makers from Canada, North America and Latin America. The meeting will provide insights into key investment trends, including managing the ‘lower for longer’ outlook, currency volatility, and developments in fintech and ESG. Discussions with those at the heart of Canada’s political and economic landscape will help investors capitalise on the region’s potential.

Attending this conference, you will hear from:

  • Leading G20 central banks and government representatives on economic policy coordination in uncertain times, as well as the latest developments as central banks navigate monetary policy normalisation and how to avoid market shocks
  • Public sector asset and pension fund management on the benefits and challenges of asset diversification and how to construct portfolios to manage reserve portfolio sensitivities
  • Sovereign issuers and public agency borrowers on how they are responding to shifts in investors demand
  • Regulators on up-to-date regulations on establishing ESG rules and frameworks, while experts share best practice on integrating ESG into investment strategies

Proceedings will be in the form of keynote addresses, panel discussions and roundtables, allowing for maximum interaction and a constructive off-the-record exchange of views. The purpose of the meeting is to share insights from leading policy-makers, market practitioners and business leaders, while exploring opportunities and best practice across the industry.

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