Seminar   Vienna   
  Mon 3 Jun 2019 11:45

Potential growth estimates for many central, eastern and southeastern European countries are low. This raises doubts over the speed of convergence, as well as concerns that CESEE might end up in a middle-income trap. Considering the high level of uncertainty surrounding the medium- to long-term growth outlook for the region, this seminar will discuss the key goals, priorities and implementation strategies aimed at ensuring sustainable economic growth and development.

The keynote speech and first session will focus on challenges for economic growth and development in CESEE, taking stock of past growth models and reflecting on future growth drivers. Session two will deal with the sustainability of growth, discussing potential frameworks and opportunities for as well as potential obstacles to green growth in CESEE. The seminar will conclude with a discussion about China-CESEE relations, focusing on the Belt and Road initiative and its impact on trade and infrastructure investment.