DMI annual 2024:

Delivering interoperability in a digital economy

Gardens, islands and bridges: The quest for interoperability

The 2024 DMI annual features contributions from a variety of sectors, discussing the value of interoperability and the challenges of delivering such solutions, writes Lewis McLellan, editor, Digital Monetary Institute, OMFIF.

Interoperability is a crucial design criterion for any digital currency

A central bank digital currency should be deployed as an open infrastructure that not only allows interlinkages, but interfaces with other systems, writes Wolfram Seidemann, chief executive officer, Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology.

Finance needs a blockchain interoperability solution

Interoperability infrastructure will continue to develop as the industry becomes more connected, but robust standardised rules are needed to ensure it works safely and seamlessly, writes Charles Kerrigan, partner, CMS.

Using interoperability to empower small business and improve global growth

The development of programmable finance platforms provides more timely and greater access to global capital markets, allowing small- and medium-sized enterprises to grow their businesses, writes Ezechiel Copic, director of digital currency policy, Visa.

Creating interoperable systems for the future of financial payments

The focus on developing and implementing interoperable solutions will be essential to unlocking the benefits of a fully digital financial ecosystem, writes Steffen Schacher, Universal Digital Payments Network lead, GFT.

Digital assets need interoperability to achieve global scale

Tokenisation is quickly gaining momentum. But to really take off, a global mindset and interoperability between different networks and systems is essential, writes Jonathan Ehrenfeld, head of securities strategy, Swift.

Interoperable solutions: Benefits and blocks

Ensuring interoperability in financial technologies will enable personalised, accessible and frictionless user experiences for all, writes James Wallis, vice president, central bank engagements and central bank digital currencies, Ripple.

Cross-border interoperability: the case for a new common platform

Achieving interoperability would be a major development in the world of programmable money, impacting how we transact, do business and live in a global world, write Dirk Cavens, chief product officer and Victoria Cumings, chief legal and regulatory officer,

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