The Bulletin: Q3 2024


Trends, opportunities and challenges when investing in emerging markets

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Balancing opportunities and risks in emerging markets

Investors must adopt a nuanced approach that combines thorough research, risk management and strategic partnerships, writes Arunima Sharan, Senior Economist, Economic and Monetary Policy Institute at OMFIF.

Macro environment

Embracing emerging market fixed income

Capturing opportunities in emerging markets with local currency bonds is a key strategic imperative, writes Jeremy Cunningham, investment director at Capital Group.

Trickier trade-offs loom for emerging markets

Fiscal policy has been on the backburner for most emerging markets but will become more relevant in the wake of several key elections, writes Jeffrey Schultz, chief economist, central and eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa at BNP Paribas.

The case for emerging markets

Emerging market assets can provide diversification and better return over the long run in a global portfolio, writes Massimiliano Castelli, head, and Philipp Salman, director, strategy and advice, global sovereign markets, UBS Asset Management.

Country spotlights

Voters versus investors in South Africa, Mexico and India

Recent elections demonstrate how developing democracies must balance what voters demand against what markets will allow, writes Christopher Smart, managing partner of Arbroath Group.

Catalysing growth in emerging markets through sovereign co-investments

By managing local market complexities and sharing investment risks, sovereign funds can help to attract global institutional investors to emerging markets, writes Arief Budiman, deputy chief executive officer, Indonesia Investment Authority.

India’s promising green investment opportunity

The country’s dual focus on economic growth and environmental preservation positions it as a global leader in sustainable development, writes Mukundan K, senior principal, strategic initiatives and policy advisory, National Investment and Infrastructure Fund.

Role of multilateral actors

Development finance asset class proves stable and strong

Emerging markets face the most pressing need to respond to the immediate impacts of climate change, writes Manfred Schepers, founder and chief executive officer, ILX Fund I.

How blended finance is transforming investment in emerging markets

Common frameworks exist for the effective use of blended finance to ensure it is not distorting markets, writes Joon Park, senior manager, blended finance at International Finance Corporation.

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