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Rethinking long-term growth in an ageing world

Maturing populations threaten to undermine economic growth, public finances and financial markets, writes Taylor Pearce, senior economist, OMFIF.

Macro environment

Growth is bound to fall

Taylor Pearce, OMFIF senior economist, spoke with Charles Goodhart, professor emeritus of banking and finance at the London School of Economics, about his predictions for long-term demographic change and the impact of ageing populations on labour and economic growth.

Demographics are not destiny, but they can set parameters

The traditional view of demographics as a catalyst for economic growth is no longer appropriate, writes Kim Catechis, investment strategist at Franklin Templeton Investment Institute.

Demographic forces bound to affect sovereign ratings and development

Ageing populations are set to slow global growth and weigh on credit ratings, writes Ed Parker, global head of research for sovereigns and supranationals at Fitch Ratings.

Intentional action can ease demographic pain

Long-term predictions are not set in stone, writes Simona Mocuta, chief economist, State Street Global Advisors.

Investment strategies

‘Let’s focus more on the certainties’

Taylor Pearce, senior economist at OMFIF, spoke with Torbjorn Hamnmark, head of strategic asset allocation at AP3, about the impact of demographic trends on growth, productivity and the energy transition.

Leveraging Indonesia’s demographic dividend

Fulfilling the needs of Indonesia’s growing young population will require sustainable investment, writes Ridha Wirakusumah, chief executive officer of the Indonesia Investment Authority.

Regional focus


Unlocking Africa’s population potential

Africa could turn its growing population into an economic powerhouse, but it requires huge infrastructure investment, writes Akinwumi Adesina, president of the African Development Bank Group.


Japan is entering a golden age for young people

An ageing population and declining labour force could actually be an opportunity for the next generation, explains Jesper Koll, global ambassador and expert director, Monex Group, Japan.


Overheated labour markets and population growth in Germany

Germany’s government is stuck between the contradicting objectives of low inflation, low unemployment, a generous social safety net and sound public finances, while suffering from sluggish growth, writes Gunther Schnabl, professor of economic policy and international economics at University of Leipzig.


From doom to boom: an Italian case study

Italy has an opportunity to drastically increase its workforce, despite falling population numbers, explains Katharine Neiss, chief European economist, PGIM Fixed Income.

Helping Ukraine to fight back

Vladyslav Rashkovan, Ukraine’s representative for the International Monetary Fund and former deputy governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, discusses the country’s economic and financial situation.

Global finance forum

Asset owners, investment managers, policy-makers, bankers and other financial services providers join speakers from the official sector in both Hong Kong and China to provide the global financial community with a unique opportunity to learn more about latest developments and their potential to do business in and via Hong Kong.

Artificial intelligence: promises and risks to the macroeconomy

How is artificial intelligence impacting economies, political environments, financial markets and misinformation? In this podcast, Julian Jacobs, senior economist, OMFIF, interviews Darrell West, senior fellow, the Brookings Institution, to discuss the promises and perils that may emerge as countries embrace AI.

Chile, 25 – 26 Sep 2023
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This seminar, held in partnership with the World Bank Treasury’s Reserves Advisory and Management Partnership and Banco Central de Chile, focuses on new challenges as well as opportunities for asset and risk managers in Latin America and the world.
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