OMFIF’s Global Public Investor report goes further than ever before to unpack reserve managers’ economic views, investment plans and internal operations. The 2023 edition features insights from a survey of 75 central banks with international reserves of close to $5tn.

In the 10 years of the publication, the role of reserve managers has never been so challenging. They are navigating difficult economic and market conditions amid high inflation, weakening global growth and financial stability concerns. Geopolitical considerations are becoming increasingly important too. Western sanctions on Russian foreign assets may call into question central banks’ control over their international reserves. Tensions between the US and China are adding to the uncertainty over the future of the global monetary system.

In the meantime, many reserve managers are facing pressure to incorporate sustainability into their investment practices. And as financial markets become more complex, it is increasingly important to improve their collection and management of data.

This report explores the pressing considerations and intentions of reserve managers through these challenging times with analysis split across six chapters.

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