Seminar   Chile   
  Mon 25 Sep 2023 - Tue 26 Sep 2023 All Day

For reserve managers, the global economic outlook is increasingly uncertain, fuelled by geopolitical risk, inflation and low growth. They also face the challenge of incorporating environmental, social and governance criteria into their portfolios. In this new paradigm, an increasing number of factors must be considered in their asset and risk management decisions.

This seminar, held in partnership with the World Bank Treasury’s Reserves Advisory and Management Partnership and Banco Central de Chile, focuses on new challenges as well as opportunities for asset and risk managers in Latin America and the world.

The forum is designed to foster thought leadership and encourage participants to share experiences, examine risks and exchange views on the future of investment management practices. It aims to attract 40-50 public sector asset and reserve managers as well as a select group of private sector participants. The event will take place off the record, under OMFIF rules.


Gioia Cellai
Head, Market Operations Directorate
Banca d’Italia
Rosanna Costa
Banco Central de Chile

Further speakers and the agenda to be confirmed shortly

This meeting will be conducted under the OMFIF Rules.


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