Latin America and Caribbean public sector debt outlook

2022 was a thin year for Latin American bond issuance as inflation soared and central banks aggressively hiked rates in response. Volumes of sovereign issuance in the region were around half of the year before. But signs that inflation is peaking have created a buoyant mood for the region’s bond market at the start of 2023.

Will investors continue to pour into the region’s public sector bonds throughout the year? Has the Federal Reserve’s rates cycle peaked? Will there be greater reliance on local currency over international issuance? Hosted by OMFIF’s Sovereign Debt Institute, the Latin America public sector debt outlook brought together leading sovereign and public sector borrowers and investors from the region to discuss these pertinent questions.

This on-the-record virtual event was broadcast globally to the OMFIF network, which included policy-makers, issuers, investors and central bankers.

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